The 2013 Alaska Red King Crab season is over. Shipped fresh cooked clusters and whole cooks
over the past two weeks! Crabbers were on the crab from the start so a very quick season. Size this
year were larger than the past several years.

We have “new season” frozen cooked clusters now available for shipping. We offer two options,
(1) for bulk orders over 1000-pounds we can ship by truck to you and (2) our “Dock to Door”
program, which allows customers to purchase as needed in smaller quantities and delivered via

We also have Red King Crab tails available. Curious?? Call Eric at 941-926-1062. A very unique and
versatile product. Great sautéed, pan-fried, deep-fried and also a great ingredient in salads and




The Alaska Red King Crab season is underway! We will be shipping fresh cooked clusters three days next week for delivery to customers Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you want to stay informed on delivery schedules, order deadlines and information sign up to receive either “WHOLESALE CRAB ALERT” for wholesale quantities or “JOIN OUR CRAB CLUB” for the home consumer. Click onto the one that is for you!

Don’t hesitate to sign up and order as we don’t see a real long season this year, possibly three weeks.

For people who are interested in purchasing quantities of 1000 pounds or more, contact us now, as once we buy our frozen King Crab and sell out, we won’t be able to take on any new business.



The ongoing US government shutdown continues to threaten the Oct. 15 start date to the Bering Sea red king crab fishery and has fishermen pleading with the Department of Commerce for help. Fishermen have gone as far as offering to pay NMFS employees to come in and process the some 500 quota permits to get the season underway on time. “We’d be happy to pay NMFS employees 10 times what they would normally make to come in and work for a few days and issue the IFQs,” said Jake Jacobsen of the Inter-cooperative Exchange.


The 2013 Alaska Red King Crab quota was announced yesterday by Fish & Game. This years quota is 8,600,000 pounds.

If the Congress can get their act together and end the shutdown, we anticipate our first delivery of Red King Crab to be
on October 23rd and will deliver fresh cooked clusters and whole cooks on Friday, October 23rd.

Prices should be settled by around October 10th and 15th. We will be shipping fresh throughout the entire season, which we
think will be until mid-November.

If you have one restaurant or multiple locations, a caterer, a resort or  upscale retailer and are looking for the best King Crab
in a large bulk buy, from 2000 pounds to 100,000 pounds, we will have prices around October 12th – 15th. For those who have
a restaurant group or chain we can customize a program to fit your needs, which we have been doing for nineteen years. If you
have interest we strongly suggest you contact us by no later than October 10th.

Fish & game also announced that there will be a +/- 300,000,000 pound quota was Bairdi Snow Crab. The most amazing crab
in the world! It’s The Crab Broker’s favorite crab, even over Red King Crab!


Whole Cooked King Crab


       We offer frozen cooked whole King Crab! Graded for perfection!
- No missing claws or legs
- Clean shell appearance

    Each crab is bubble wrapped and packed in its own box.

    Great used for parties of 6 or more as an appetizer or a side
dish. They make a great statement and beautiful display in
upscale buffets as well.

    Whole cooks need to be pre-ordered prior to the season.

Whole cooks have gained a lot of popularity over the past several years. You can imagine when a
waitperson walks through your dining room with a big beautiful crab? They surely create excitement
in a restaurant, which mean more sales!


Yes! We are now shipping fresh cooked Brown King Crab. Customers are raving about the quality, meat fill and size. If you have interest in fresh, sign up for our WHOLESALE newsletter, just to the right! We are anticipating another delivery early next week.

We should get news next week from Alaska Fish & Game on the quota for Red King Crab. There’s also rumors that they might open up the Bairdi Snow Crab fishery this October as well. Bairdi is The Crab Brokers favorite crab in the world. We’ve eaten a lot of different crab from New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Brazil and other areas, and Bairdi truly is the BEST!



Here’s an article about the illegal poaching of Red King Crab in Russia. For those of you who want traceability and a sustainable source, read this! Check your box and see if it says, “Product of Alaska” or “Product of Russia”. Shame on you if it’s Russian!!!!

Crab poaching still booming in Russia; shipments of king crab to Japan up 500%


SEAFOOD.COM NEWS  by Eugene Gerden   Aug 22, 2013

Moscow – Despite all the efforts of the Russian government to fight crab poaching its volumes are

steadily growing.  During the first six months of this year, imports of expensive king crab to Japan

has increased by five times or 500%, compared to the same period of last year say Russian sources. 


At the same time, according to data of the customs service of Hokkaido island, for the same period

imports of live snow crab dropped by 22.2%. 


The Japanese figures greatly differ from the data of the Russian Federal Customs Service of Russia,

according to which during the first half of 2013 total amount of declared crab exports to Japan

amounted to only 600 tons, which is 30 times less, compared to Japanese figures.


According to a representative of the Russian Far Eastern Association of Crab Catchers, a change in the

structure of illegal crab imports occurred after the signing of a recent Russian-Japanese agreement,

which involves reciprocal measures for the combat illegal fishing of fish and seafood.


This has resulted in a shift of poachers’ priorities to more expensive king crab, priced at $12-16 per kg,

instead of $4-5 as in case of snow crab. 


At the same time another reason for a significant increase of illegal crab catch is the existing delay in

ratification of the Russian-Japanese agreement. 


According to an official representative of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency, the work on final

ratification of the document is still underway. 


According to Alexander Saveliev, Rosrybolovstvo’s corporate affairs director, last week, the government

authorized the Federal Fisheries Agency to issue certificates on the exports of fish and seafood from Russia

to China and Japan. According to him, these certificates will confirm the legality of exporters’ catches in

foreign ports.


According to estimates of the Russian Accounts Chamber, the cost of illegal exports of fish and seafood

from Russia is currently in the range of 15-30 billion rubles. This figure exceeds net financial results of

the entire Russian fishing industry of 14.4 billion rubles.



The 2013 Bristol Bay Red King Crab season is just around the corner. Season opens October 15th and we should begin to see deliveries into Dutch Harbor around October 22nd-23rd.

Alaska Fish & Game will announce the quota’s the last week or so of September. We anticipate that the quota will remain relatively the same as last year.

We will be shipping fresh cooked as usual. Eric and I will be in Dutch beginning Sunday, October 21st. We expect to have both fresh and frozen prices announced sometime in mid-October. Once again we will put out our “Crab Alert” as we have for the past 20 years.

If you are new to The Crab Broker and our fresh cooked Red King Crab program, sign up (see icon to the right). If you are a consumer sign up on the “Gift Pack” icon to the right.

For bulk buyers we will be contacting you as soon as the quota is announced to go over information, quota and to get an idea on the poundage you will require.

For new bulk buyers, we strongly suggest you make contact with either myself (702) 212-8498 or Eric at (941) 926-1062 to discuss your needs and we can then custom design a program that works for both of us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. It’s important that you contact us prior to the season, as we buy what we have sold and once the season and processing is done, it will be too late.

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