If this actually happens and if you buy Russian Red King Crab, where are you going to get Alaska Red King Crab? 

A majority of the major Alaskan and West Coast Seafood Processors are calling on Congress and the President to enact a retaliatory ban on Russian seafood imports. Icicle, Ocean Beauty, Peter Pan, Trident, Unisea along with Alaska General Seafoods, Alyeska, Westward, and North Pacific Seafoods, and with the Bering Sea crab harvesters, all joined in this call for a trade action. The call for a ban on Russian products is likely to get some Congressional support, particularly from the Alaskan delegation. However, according to John Sackton a complete ban would upend the king crab market, and would impact users of Russian pollock and salmon in the US, which include the major customers of a number of companies calling for the ban on Russian products.